Tatum Sherman – What To Keep In Mind When Designing Swimsuits

Tatum Sherman is a fashion designer living in New Jersey. Tatum Sherman designs clothing for women and children. One of the first clothing lines she released was a line of swimsuits. If you are planning on designing swimsuits, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Body Type

What kind of body type are you designing your swimsuits for? Not all swimsuits look well on all body types. Make sure you create swimsuits that appeal to people of all shapes and sizes and that look good on a variety of different body types. This will make your swimsuit line appeal to more people


What kind of coverage will your swimsuits offer? Do you want to design suits with full coverage or something more revealing? You need to have a plan for your swimsuits before you start designing them. You may become known for the types of swimsuits you make.


Not all fabric works for swimsuit and although you may have a design in mind, swimsuit fabric may not work with that design. Make sure you are aware of the types of fabrics that are best for swimsuits and design your suits to work well with that fabric.

Swimsuits are fun to design but they can also be challenging. If you are like Tatum Sherman and enjoy designing clothing and are ready to design a line of swimsuits, keep the above points in mind as you go.

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Tatum Sherman – Designing A Clothing Line

Tatum Sherman attended fashion school in New Jersey and had dreams of starting her own clothing line. She began designing casual clothing and swimsuits and now has a complete line of clothing for women and children. She calls her clothing line TS Fashion and is very proud of it. She hopes to continue to grow it. If you have dreams of doing the same, read on for tips and advice.

Have A Plan

You need to have a plan for your clothing line. This should pertain to the type of clothing you plan to design, who it will be designed for and what stores it will be sold in. Do you want to design clothing for women, children or men? Do you want to design casual clothing or clothing that will be worn by movie stars on the red carpet? You need to make sure your plan is as detailed as possible and you should keep notes when necessary.


You should start sketching your clothing designs as soon as possible. Many designers start creating their sketches before they even attend design school. You may decide to change them as you learn more about design and your market and you can always add to your portfolio. Your sketches will also come in handy when you present your idea for a clothing line to a store or company.

Create A Business

You will need to create a business name and logo for your clothing line and register it as a business. This will allow you to market the clothing line and sell the pieces. You will also need to come up with a budget and get a firm understanding of startup costs. Once your design has a name, you will also need to find a manufacturer who will be able to create the pieces you design so you can sell them.

Market Your Line

If you want people to know about your clothing line, you need to be able to advertise it successfully. You should decide how you want to advertise your clothing line and start doing so as soon as you register it as a business. If you plan to sell your clothing online, you will want to do a lot more online marketing. If you are going to sell your clothing from a store, you may want to create ads and also advertise online.

Tatum Sherman worked hard to get her first line of clothing in stores and now she looks forward to seeing people wear it on the streets. She is happy to be able to do what she loves and to see people enjoying the clothing she designs.