Tatum Sherman – How to Dress for an Interview

When it comes to finding a new job in New Jersey, thousands of people every year turn to Tatum Sherman, owner of the successful staffing firm, Resource Referral. Getting through a job interview is the final step to finding the perfect job, and while showing up prepared is an important part of excelling, dressing for success is also important. Even though every interviewer has their own unique sense of what you should and shouldn’t wear to an interview, there are a few simple rules you can follow in order to make an impression.

  • It doesn’t matter what type of job you are interviewing for you always want to dress one or two levels higher than the job you are going for. If you are looking for a job as a mechanic, you don’t want to show up in dirty overalls, even though it is what you would be wearing for the job. Instead, you would want to wear a nice, clean shirt, pants, and maybe even a jacket.
  • Skip the clothing that is too revealing. Instead, wear a conservative outfit so as not to take yourself out of the running.
  • Lose the facial piercings and sandals. In the late 90’s people were able to show up to an interview casually dressed because there was a severe labor shortage. These days, however, companies aren’t desperate to find talent, so be sure to dress professionally.

Heading into a job interview can be nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about what you are wearing. Keep it simple and professional and you can breathe a little easier. Tatum Sherman, owner of Resource Referral helps companies in the New Jersey area find a qualified candidate for their open positions.

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Tatum Sherman – How Staffing Agencies Work

Tatum Sherman is an ambitious entrepreneur that created her own staffing firm called Resource Referral. Private staffing firms like the one Sherman created have become commonplace all around the world. A staffing firm has many different functions, but primarily focuses on connecting professionals with companies in need of specific skills and labor. Whether a company needs short-term help during a busy period, or a qualified full-time employee, a staffing agency can help.

Business owners and corporations often have a hard time finding qualified employees. A staffing firm offers a convenient way to locate professionals. One of the best ways to use a staffing firm is to find one with the proper specialization. For example, if your business is in the technology industry, you should seek out a staffing agency that specialized in recruiting and finding professionals in information technology.

Staffing agencies are most effective when good communication is maintained between the agency and the business. A human resource recruiter or hiring manager should work closely with a staffing agent. Open and regular communication helps ensure that the company gets the professional it needs in a timely manner. The more information that is given to a staffing agency, the faster and more accurately they can fulfill an employment request.
Communication is a key part of staffing firm functionality.

Tatum Sherman built a successful employment firm with hard work and dedication. She started it to help combat the unemployment problem, and now links thousands of professionals a year to appropriate companies seeking their skills.

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Tatum Sherman – Quick Tips for Finding a New Job

Tatum Sherman, the owner of Resource Referral in New Jersey, helps Tatum Sherman clients find meaningful employment. Finding a new career can be a challenging experience that leads to frustration for many. With a few proactive strategies, however, the job search can become easier and more rewarding. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned worker, here are some helpful tips to help you get started with your job search.

1. Before you even start to search for a job, it is important to take some time to consider your strengths and weaknesses. The more you know yourself, the better your chances of finding a job that you are satisfied with.

2. The most critical job tool you have is your resume. When starting a new job search you need to revise your resume so it focuses on your key accomplishments, experience, education/training, and skills. Taylor it to each job that you are applying too.

3. Employers are beginning to utilize social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to find their perfect employee. Build your online brand by showcasing your expertise and passion online.

4. A great tool you can utilize is the informal interview with someone in your career field. They can offer you advice and insights about your resume and interview skills. These can help you hone your interview answers and help you expand your network of contacts.

Hunting for a new job can be a lonely endeavor. Try keeping in touch with other people you know that are also hunting for a new job. For help in finding the right job for you, consider using a staffing service like Tatum Sherman’s, Resource Referral. They can help find and place you in a meaningful position with a great company.

Tatum Sherman – An Introduction to Business

Tatum Sherman is a dedicated businesswoman that created her own company, Resource Referral, a staffing firm in New Jersey dedicated to helping connect professionals with businesses. Being a successful entrepreneur like Mrs. Sherman requires a good understanding of business.

Business is defined as an agency, firm, or enterprise that provides goods and/or services to consumers. Businesses are the centerpiece of most capitalist economies. Most businesses within a capitalist economy are privately owned, and provide a service or product to consumers in exchange for capital (money), services, or products.

There are many forms and studies of business. Some businesses are known as non-profits. These enterprises are designed to not have a net positive gain. Non-profits are essentially charities that are ran in a business format, and only use the capital necessary to keep the business operating. Everything else a non-profit generates goes to a specific social or economic cause.

Business also has many different sectors. A sector is a kind of business category used for organizational purposes. A sector is often a broad category, and may be different than one would expect. For instance, Apple, a popular technology company, is in the consumer goods sector, as opposed to the technology sector. Most sector classifications of businesses are done for the sake of investments and stock trading.

Tatum Sherman has always had a knack for business. He business savvy has translated into a successful company that helps employ thousands of professionals every year, an impressive accomplishment for a woman that is only 29 years old.


Tatum Sherman – How to Determine if A Job is Right for You

Tatum Sherman has been helping thousands of people a year find jobs through Tatum Sherman employment staffing firm. Finding a job can be tough, finding a job that is a good fit for you can be even harder. Too often job seekers sell themselves short, simply taking the first job that offers a decent salary. For longevity though, it is better to wait and find a job that is right for you. Here are a few important things to factor in when looking for the job with “the right fit”:

  • Location: Long commutes can add a lot of stress and add a considerable amount of hours to a work day. This is especially true in urban areas. Make sure your employment is relatively close, and won’t require an hour of gridlocked traffic every day.
  • Satisfaction: While pay is certainly an important part of employment, so is job satisfaction. Remember that you are likely to spend at least 40 hours a week at work, so make sure it is something that compliments your interests and abilities.
  • Management Culture: Every job position has a superior. Even entrepreneurs have a boss, the customer. So make sure that you get along with the management and respect their culture. A good management team usually tries to motivate relationships, not poison or discourage them.

Tatum Sherman doesn’t just help professionals find employment, she helps them find a long-term career path. She knows how important it is to set each job seeker on the right path, matching him or her with a company that is a good fit.


Tatum Sherman – An Introduction to Unemployment

Tatum Sherman started her business, Resource Referral to help combat social issues like unemployment. All around the world, unemployment is an issue that effects the economy, as well as families everywhere. Unemployment happens when able-bodied workers are unable to obtain employment, despite having the necessary skills to fulfill a job function. Unemployment rates are often dictated by a number of different factors, including the geographic location, the state of the economy, and much more. The unemployment rate is a number that is measured by dividing the number of unemployed people, by the number of people currently documented in the labor force.

Typically, the highest levels of unemployment rates are experienced when the economy is in a recession. The cause of unemployment is a subject that is under constant scrutiny and debate by scientists, sociologists, and economists everywhere. Classic economics theorize that unemployment is caused by overregulation, such as labor laws and unions that discourage companies from hiring. Classic economists believe that employee taxes, unionization, bureaucratic work rules, and minimum wage laws discourage employers from hiring, thereby causing the unemployment rate to increase.

Keynesian economics is on the opposite end of the spectrum. A Keynesian economist believes government intervention is necessary during naturally occurring economic recessions to help alleviate the unemployment problem. This theory examines closely supply and demand as an explanation for unemployment.

Unemployment is something that Tatum Sherman has been helping to stop for many years. She opened her employment staffing firm to help stop problems like unemployment from impacting families and the economy as a whole.

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