Tatum Sherman: Customers Come First

Tatum Sherman works with clients on a daily basis, helping them find the right employees for their organisations from her employment staffing firm. Tatum Sherman loves the chance to help workers find great companies and to help the companies themselves find success with a hard-working and trustworthy workforce. Employees and employee satisfaction are the keys to success for any organisation, and Sherman loves to act as matchmaker for eager employees and local, successful companies.

Tatum Sherman is always working to please clients and keep them in the loop with constant communications. Part of her job as a business leader is ensuring that these clients are pleased with their employees and the staffing services she has provided. While constant contact is a key ingredient of her client relations, too much communication, or over-communicating, is a constant concern for her.

Tatum Sherman keeps a good balance between being available to her clients and not over-communicating.

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Tatum Sherman: Corporate Social Responsibility Can Make a Brand

Tatum Sherman is a business owner in New Jersey, running her own employment staffing company. Tatum Sherman is constantly trying to build her brand and create new opportunities for her company to expand and help more people in the area. One way she does this is with corporate social responsibility initiatives. These projects are designed to help local charities address social problems in the community and improve local public brand perception at the same time.

Sherman says she “loves to help people.” Now, as a business owner with means, she can help her community much more than she ever did before with corporate service projects aimed specifically at her community. Sherman swears by her projects in her community because of the improved public perception these projects bring.

Tatum Sherman helps people with social responsibility projects and improves her own brand in the process.

Tatum Sherman: Finding the Right Business Investment Opportunities

Tatum Sherman, as a successful entrepreneur and owner of her own employee staffing company, is presented with many kinds of business investment opportunities. These are usually proposals given her by other businesses that offer their own products to help streamline her business and set herself up for better profits and success. Some services can change the way a business operates for the better, while some won’t necessarily be perfect. Discerning the difference between the two is a key part of any business plan.


Tatum Sherman takes the time to learn about new business software and systems to determine if she can use them well to help her business. The key is knowing exactly what will help the business before any research takes place.

Tatum Sherman lives in New Jersey with her two children. She runs an employment staffing firm there.

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