Tatum Sherman – Ways to Impress Your Boss As a New Employee

Tatum Sherman is an influential entrepreneur and the founder of Resource Referral, a company that has made a commitment to continually connect employers with employees who can fit in various roles and deliver quality output. Getting a job is difficult, but the main challenge actually sets in when you finally get the nod. It’s during the very first days at work when the boss and fellow colleagues start making assessments, trying to determine just how good you are. The first few days are particularly important because that’s when you need to create a positive, lasting impression. Here are a few tips to help you navigate your way into the company and announce your presence in style.

Be inquisitive
You might be familiar or even experienced in your new role, but that should not make you behave like the proverbial Jack of all trades. It is important to ask questions that are pertinent to your new role even if you are an experienced hire. You might wonder why questions are important. First, they send the message that you mean business and that you want to know exactly how to do things and learn as much as possible. Second, it will help you to be on the same page with your boss in terms of mission and goals.
Ask your boss what they expect from the team as a whole and also ask them to explain the company’s vision. Each company is different from others in the same industry in terms of operations and long-term goals. However, only ask relevant questions that touch on your role and responsibilities. Again, too many questions may be interpreted as lack of knowledge and skills.

Punctuality Is Key
The importance of arriving in the office on time cannot be underestimated. It sends the message that you are dependable and that you value time. No employer would be pleased with a new hire who reports to work when others are already working. In fact, reporting late can be interpreted as laziness, something that can tarnish your reputation even before you’re out of the blocks.

Consider Assignments Outside Your Scope
If you wish to grow in your career and possibly work your way up the hierarchy of management, it is important to have an all-round understanding of the company’s operations. There can be no better way to achieve this than taking on assignments that do not necessarily fall under your docket, at least once in a while. That’s how to show the boss that you can be entrusted with even bigger responsibilities.
Tatum Sherman has helped many people get their dream jobs in a multitude of companies and institutions. While you may be assisted to get the job, she contends that your success after that largely depends on the impression you make, particularly during the first few days.


Author: Tatum Sherman

Tatum Sherman started her own staffing firm, Resource Referral, was to help combat the unemployment rates in her area. What started as only a fanciful dream has turned into an enterprise that helps employ thousands every year. Sherman helped turn around the economy of the local area, linking the professionals there with companies in need of their services.