Tatum Sherman – Temporary Employment Can Lead to Long-Term Success

Tatum Sherman has a wealth of experience operating her highly successful staffing company, Resource Referral. There are some misconceptions that people often harbor about the things that a staffing company can do for you if you are a job seeker. In many cases, employers will be looking for temporary employees to fill certain gaps. When you are looking for a real, permanent job, you may be turned off by prospect of temporary employment. After all, you don’t want to be looking for a job again after three or four months.

This is a perspective that is often voiced to Tatum Sherman by her clients, but she has seen a very different picture when it comes to temporary employment. In many cases, an employer has every intention of hiring permanent employees. However, the hiring process is expensive for companies, and turnover rates can be quite significant. They don’t want to invest a good bit of money in a new hire who may turn out to be a poor fit. These companies often hire temporary employees, but these are temporary-to-permanent positions. If all goes well during this “trial period,” the temporary employee will be offered a permanent job.

Tatum Sherman has seen countless people who have gone this route wind up with fruitful, long-term permanent positions. Some of them have been given increasing levels of responsibility. If you are looking for a career opportunity, do not look past the possibility of using temporary employment as a stepping stone that leads to the fruition of your goals.