Tatum Sherman – Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Tatum Sherman recognizes the value of hard work. We live in an instant gratification culture, but this mentality is not always going to be a good thing if you want to successfully climb the career ladder. As a thought leader within the staffing industry, Tatum Sherman’s voice resonates loudly, and Tatum Sherman is uniquely positioned to provide insight that job seekers covet.

Though many people feel as though times have changed, in reality, there is one truism that never goes out of style: It takes hard work to be successful. This is the most profound message that Tatum Sherman passes along to job seekers who are looking for answers.

For example, consider the matter of overtime. When you’re in the staffing industry, you often work with employers that are offering temporary jobs during busy seasons. These jobs can lead to full-time positions, and Tatum Sherman is always quick to emphasize this to applicants. Temporary workers are sometimes offered overtime, and they are paid time and a half during these overtime hours. In other words, if the regular pay is twelve dollars an hour, you would add half of that, which is six dollars an hour, to come up with the overtime pay. Someone in this position would receive $18 an hour for overtime work.

If you are offered overtime, this is a great opportunity to “make hay while the sun shines.” You can get ahead while you have the opportunity to do so. This is particularly important if you are working a temporary job. Plus, Tatum Sherman has found that employers are impressed by the work ethic of people who are willing to put in overtime hours. This can lead to permanent employment offers.

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Tatum Sherman – Temporary Employment Can Lead to Long-Term Success

Tatum Sherman has a wealth of experience operating her highly successful staffing company, Resource Referral. There are some misconceptions that people often harbor about the things that a staffing company can do for you if you are a job seeker. In many cases, employers will be looking for temporary employees to fill certain gaps. When you are looking for a real, permanent job, you may be turned off by prospect of temporary employment. After all, you don’t want to be looking for a job again after three or four months.

This is a perspective that is often voiced to Tatum Sherman by her clients, but she has seen a very different picture when it comes to temporary employment. In many cases, an employer has every intention of hiring permanent employees. However, the hiring process is expensive for companies, and turnover rates can be quite significant. They don’t want to invest a good bit of money in a new hire who may turn out to be a poor fit. These companies often hire temporary employees, but these are temporary-to-permanent positions. If all goes well during this “trial period,” the temporary employee will be offered a permanent job.

Tatum Sherman has seen countless people who have gone this route wind up with fruitful, long-term permanent positions. Some of them have been given increasing levels of responsibility. If you are looking for a career opportunity, do not look past the possibility of using temporary employment as a stepping stone that leads to the fruition of your goals.

Tatum Sherman – Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur

Tatum Sherman is an inspirational wife, mother, and entrepreneur who sets a moving example for others each and every day, and Tatum Sherman takes this responsibility to heart. As a young woman who leads her own employees at her New Jersey staffing company, Resource Referral, she has the opportunity to act as a strong role model for the people around her. Tatum Sherman accomplishes this through her actions on a moment by moment basis, and her wise decision-making and professional integrity always shine through.

In a broader sense, she sets an inspiring example through the way that she conducts her life outside of the workplace. It can be difficult to handle all of the responsibilities of a wife and mother while you are simultaneously running a dynamic business. Striking the right balance can be very challenging, but Tatum Sherman seems to do it effortlessly. Her husband, who is a professional writer who is fortunate enough to work from home, is supportive and very helpful in many ways. As a team, they provide a nurturing environment for their children, and they also make quality time for one another.

If you have business aspirations, but you have resigned yourself to the notion that it would be impossible for you to run a successful business because you are a wife and mother, you are not alone. However, when you look at the example that Tatum Sherman has set, you can see that anything is possible if you hold fast to your dreams and refuse to give up.

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